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  Born in XX century, in Italy, I have always felt a strong attraction to all forms of art - from music to literature, from painting to architecture - and, with varying results, I have tried almost everything that fascinated me along the path... it was almost a necessity, an expression of the need to create, to research... and sometimes also as an escape.

My encounter with photography - or, rather, with the photographic act - occurred only in 2004 and in a slightly embarrassing way (at least for me): my then-girlfriend gave me a compact digital photo camera as a gift; I reacted by telling her something like "But why the hell did you give me a photo camera? You know damn well that I hate taking pictures!" ... Nowadays I am deeply ashamed for my reaction then, as that gift opened for me the doors of a world that I presently love dearly, and I cannot but be infinitely grateful to that girl

Anyway, I would lie if I were to say that photography is my whole life - because the truth is that I cannot help but continue to pursue all the other things I am interested in, which are not all art-related...