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I am and remain a restless spirit, I feel attraction and repulsion for everything at the same time; and my photos often are an expression of this crazy dichotomy. Obviously, there are a few themes that I care more for than others - actually, I must say that my eyes are attracted to those forms of reality that better mirror my inner world... but these sound like intellectual words, and I am not like that... at least not only that.
One thing is sure: all the photos included in this website were made with a very simple and compact digital camera (as you may see in the picture in this page, in which my image is reflected by a window pane); partly as a challenge, partly out of necessity...

… there's a peculiar aspect of life that, sooner or later, we all learn:
the impermanence … everything changes, continuously, and quite fast… only few months have gone by since I wrote these lines above, now photography is my job, and my style changed … if you are interested in

my evolution, please take a look at this